Saturday, November 1, 2014


vintage french mailbox
*I spoke at a funeral and was blessed w/ heavenly help.
*My nephew has to have chalk at all times.
He will often stop and chalk a message that only he understands.
*Some people are mean, no matter.
*I spoke today in a class and I only said 1/2 of what I wanted too.
*Youtube is my favorite pass time as of late.
*I love my wool slippers!
*At 1:26 on an early Thursday morning my sister called to
have me come up and watch her 2 year old while she had a new baby.
*I have never been so tired.
*Eli knocks on his bedroom door when he is ready to wake up and greet the world.
*Eli is pretty happy about just about everything.
* I taught him a turkey says "Gobble Gobble" cutest thing ever!
*I have eaten more left over Halloween then is needful.
Life is bountiful and hard!

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