Friday, November 14, 2014

Local Eroupe!

The other night we had a family function in
Farmington @ the Farmington Station Park!
I am not one who loves to retail shop!
I do love to look around high end and fun retail
shops to see what is new and fun. This is the perfect place.
It is a mix between, The Gateway Mall, City Creek and
Las Vegas (Fountains) and a local park.
The streets look like a small town in Europe.
They have a park in the center that would be, and was
super fun for my favorite Theodore to play in.
They have a plastic skating rink in the winter.
Yummy Restaurants and LOADS of fun shopping.
While there they had a live band and a huge Bellagio
Fountain synchronized to music.
Go shop and enjoy this
closer to home mini vacation!
Happy Fall!! 

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