Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thrift store haul.

I came home w/ some fantastic finds this weekend.
And I spent time w/ one of my favorite tiny's!
Less the 10 dollars for everything!!
Stamp'n up craft kit .75
Bea YOU tiful sign ..75
Iron wand 6.00 (It retails for 80.00 so I thought it was worth a try
I can re-sale if it is a dud!)


Darling pink and white string .50.
I also found a Bitty American Girl doll of a song.
She was bathing during the photo shoot.
I will be looking for a very sweet family
to adopt her!

* I saw a man run full on into a plate glass window thinking it was a door. Bummer!
*My nephew, laid some eggs, stood on the porch and tired to sell pretend
lollipops and chemical's to yard saler's!
*When sitting on the couch and wishing him farwell,
I asked for a kiss and a hug. He laid on the floor and
answered "Come down here Auntie" while making kissy
*I found a tiny roadside stand offering a table full of free table produce.
I loved it!
* I went to a fun baby shower. No games, no weird party ice brakers.
Just good eats and lots of fun conversations!!
I am loving the cooler weather!!
"It is beginning to feel a lot like peach days!!"

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