Saturday, August 2, 2014


*My sister has a cherry tomato plant that is taller then I am!
I am super jealous!
*I saw a slow speed chase on the freeway tonight. So weird!
*My nephews are the worlds best!
*I now know why people pay so much to have their dogs groomed!
holy messy awful job!
* I went to a home tour today that wasn't what I thought it was!
*I tired to channel my inter Evie Ivy but alas
my saw blade was to dull!
*I am so tired of being hot!
*U tube teaches me....everything.
*I wish I was at the Oregon Coast right now!!
*We (at work) made jar of butter for Pioneer Day and it was magical!
*I set my alarm this morning but never turned it on!!
*Read this book again last night. Loved it!
*If I could live any where. Yogurt Land would be a
great place to live!
Happy Summer!
Here's to hope'n only better days ahead!

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