Sunday, December 21, 2014

It turned out!!!

My sister and I were talking about how not everything we
try to make or remake turns out.
Some times we get lucky and things turn out!!
I feel that way about this little darling!
We also talked about the masses of people
online right now begging for Christmas help
for their small families! How sad that they don't
realize that they can help themselves w/ a little
planning and a little elbow grease!
This item below is for my sweet Nephew.
I touched up something's and removed a few things
and added some cuteness (The "n" for his last name) and I know he will be please
as punch w/ this FIVE dollar purchase! DI is bursting at
the seams right now w/ lovely Christmas toys (ect) that
w/ a little love would make any child happy!

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