Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tiny trees in a jar!

I am swoony about tiny pines in little jars! Cheap and darling!
A perfect duo! (Walmart has large packages of trees on Christmas clearance!)
*I love free stuff!
*My nephew happily introduced me to his grandma this week.
It was so gosh darn cute! (I see her almost weekly)
*While attending a family party my cousin asked me
the name of the child I was holding...and I couldn't think of his name for
a good five minutes. So random and so embarrassing!!
*This winter has been delishishly warm. Now it is sadly cold!
*I have the most random array of stuff in my car at any given moment!
*My nieces are getting old and it makes me sad!
*Employees who "call on" bad guys at Subway are so uncool!
*Waste is sickening!
*Today is my nephews happy second birthday! Wouldn't live
w/ out that happy little fella!!
*I love when all my wash is clean, but sadly it only lasts for hour!
 Merry Christmas and Happiest of new years!
No Really!!

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