Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The world is a wild place but
 "God is not dead nor does he sleep!"
I won something! Wooot! Look here and be jealous!
I haven't blogged in forever! Not for lack of info!
I'll do a little catch up!
*April birthdays abound! Happy Happy to everyone celebrating!
*Baby Eli was blessed.
*It has been beautifully warm and snow flakes have flown!
*I am not a fan of cleaning GROSS fish tanks!
*I love a good home tour!
*My hair is so dry and fluffy lately!
*Some people will always be excited to see you fail.
*We will be celebrating 100 years of life w/ our dear friend!
*I love a good phone call to my favorite one year old!
*I made the most darling bow ties for my favorite tiny men!
Pajamas and a bowtie
*I most often need a nap!
*My mom share the word Natty
natty [ˈnætɪ]
adj -tier, -tiest
Informal smart in appearance or dress; spruce;
dapper a natty outfit
*My little sister adopted some tiny chickens!
She reported she didn't want to love them but she
is having such a hard time. They are just so cute!
*I had fried pickles last night...YUMMERS!
*It is kite flying weather today for sure!
*Can't leave the dollar store for less then five dollars!
Happy day and happy SPRING!

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