Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thrifting Regrets! (Hate em!)

Do you ever regret not picking something up while thrifting. Today I saw one of these. It was 8.00..retails for 200.00 I shoulda got it! I need one of those fany phones so I can google things while I stand in the thrift store.

I couldn't have gotten this baby in my car but I wanted it and it's tiny match'n table! 9.00.

I did buy this Pottery Barn number in white...with a darling liner. (To re-sale). I feel super guilty though because a young mom trail me through the whole store and willed me to put it down. I didn't and so I feel bad. UGAH! Whatever!  

Note: The Sugar House DI is like the armpit of a third world country! But has nice booty today. Who knew!

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junkermidge said...

The toy basket is perfect -- glad you didn't let it get away! My main regret is if something unusual gets away. The other stuff, I just remind myself that another one will come along one of these days -- and it usually does!