Saturday, July 30, 2011


*The water heater...DEAD!
*My feet newly pedicured!
*I planted basil today and now I smell just like it!! Yummers!
*Yard Bust!! Mostly "drive bys!"
*The book "Just Like Heaven" so diffrent then the movie. I cried!
*Today while buying a "tiny" fan at Walmart.
          I picked it up and thought.."Now where do I test it?" Sign of a true thrifter!
* I found another pair of mormon G's (not Jeeps Harmony)
 hanging on the racks at the thrift store. So weird!
*I need a vacation!!
*I saw a bird sitting quietly on the Angel Moroni's trumpet made me smile.
 Everything is better w/ a bird on it!!
*My car is cover in hard water droplet marks from being sprinkled daily!

Happy Summer!

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