Saturday, June 23, 2012

So long!

Another one that got away!! This baby sat in DI
and SCREAMED to me.

I wanted to love and embrace her!!

Bring her and her carved handle home.

Her leaded stained glass, winked at me I sware.

For 30 bucks she coulda been mine.
Sadly there is no room in the inn!


*I am not a fan of hot weather! I am more of a jacket kinda girl!
*Grapefruit frozen yogurt I love you!
*Tiny Theodore, your smile melts me!
*My co-worker said "Pert Near" and I giggled something fierce!
*Leg hair is so over rated!
*I love a good book on tape.
*I almost die when I don't have a jug of water in my car w/ me!
*Most Fridays you can find me in a doctors office w/ my job.
*I love tiny(electric) fans every where!
*I am falling out of love w/ yard sales! Most are lame!
*I am getting so good at giving hair cuts!!

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