Monday, February 18, 2013



This weekend looked like this!
*I put LOADS of time and energy into an outfit
for an 80's party. I showed up w/ my sister in tow and
we were the only ones decked out! LAME!
*I had to call 911 because as I drove down the free at 80 miles and hour
there was a perfectly placed couch in my lane.
I almost died!
******Do you know the ONLY 3 reasons to call 911?
1.To save a life!
2. Stop a crime!
3. Report a fire!
*I saw people throwing money at an old man w/ sign. (begging)
He was in a wheel chair and people were to lazy to get out
of their cars.
*I went to Goodwill! The only in Utah and it was FUN!!
*I got to kiss both of my nephews this weekend.
*I rocked around town w/ only a few stares at my crimped hair
and rad hot pink finger nails.
*I ran into a long lost cousin while at a far away DI!
*I wanted the day off! No one wanted to work on a holiday! Sighhh!
*Dear sun i love you when you when you shine!!
*My sister loves a wig!!
*I saw a picture of "pressed leaves" that were marijuana
at the thrift store. Made me giggle!
I didn't do a darn thing! I can't save the world!
*I drove off w/ a large beverage on my car!
*My sister almost broke my baby shower gift!
*I went to another party many moons ago and was the
ONLY person dressed up. The party was thrown by my sister!
*Gas prices are going right up!
*Murray DI is totally over priced! Worth skipping!

Here is to a happy weekend!

Happy Spring!

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