Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Use'n the big guns!!

Today has been the warmest day of the year! The sun shine'n and the snow a melt'n!
Love-lee!! I pulled out my heat gun that I received for Christmas. It has been calling me
for months but alas it has been far to cold for any sort of DYI!
Here is how this old lady looked after 30 minutes!
When I got her she was a chippy salmon pink!

I covered her in a quick layer of black but she looked CHEAP!
She needed a new lease on life!!

It seems her past life was colorful! She started out life brand new
and beautifully wood grained. I bet she caught an eye or two in
her day!! She then she wore a lovely shade of minty green! So cute and so
1950's! Shortly followed buy a lovely lady like shade of PINK!!
It all when down hill oafter that! I can't wait to fix
her up and make her look as good as new!!
(See wood grain below)

Here is the "big gun"!

I'll be back w/ some tips and tricks soon!!
Happy Spring!

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