Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I meet a friend who wanted to spend the day on a thrift shopping date!! We meet up and had loads of fun and lunch! Before we met up I went to a few yard sales and I ran in to one of my blog crushes!! The Frosted Gardener! So fun! She is so cute and her blog...almost as cute!! (one of her peices below!)
Later while w/ my friend I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up and it was BRAND NEW!! the price tag at the thrift store 20.00. I knew my brother in law was in the market for a sander...I called him and he declined. Sigh..I knew it was s scream'n deal...I asked him to google it and call me back he did. These babies sell for 50 bucks new...and are awesome. They even have a little dust collector!!

More on my finds tomorrow!! My one arm "tan" (read killer sunburn) is kill'n me. My feet hurt and I am pooped! Oh my the joys of a good find and good friends are worth it!!

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The Frosted Gardner said...

Hey Heather! It was so fun meeting you yesterday! Thank you for the blog highlight - you are too kind. Let's be sure and keep in touch!