Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is what I picked up on my adventure. This darling old HEAVY perfect mirror for 5 bucks at a church rummage sale. Hey Church Ladies!!

I bought my sister another 5.00 sink at a yard sale. So she paid me back w/ these!! I wanted these so badly when they first came out!! Alas I had not 24.00 a book. These babies where mine for 2.00 a book!! WOOO WHOOO!!

Can I just say the prices at the DI are NUTSO lately!! The books KILLER DEAL...other junk...PLEASE!! The Welfare Square DI..I mean come on folks...most of it is junk!! Frustrating!! The worst when my little sister looks at me (while folding her arms (protection from germs) w/ the "See DI is a totally waste of time!" look on her face!!

Oh well I'll be mad...till tomorrow! Happy Summer!!

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one gal's trash said...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
You are the fabulous of them all!