Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cuppie Cakies!!

Yesterday I had to have an "emergency" appointment at the dentist. My tooth was KILLING me and had been all weekend. The dentist lovingly ripped of my temporary crown and made a new mold and glued on a new tooth. So fun!! I needed a little vacation. I went here after!!

Are you kidding me w/ the cuteness of the place. Hello..they sell CUP CAKES TOO!!! Alas my teeth were on fire and so I had to skip the surgery sweetness. I'll visit again fur sure though!! You should too!! 470 24th ST. Ogden Utah! YUMMY!


Shinny Willow said...

love love love your blog.. the cupcake place to :)

chikkaboom said...

Oh my!!! I am definitely checking that place out!!! If you are ever in St. George you should also try "25 main" that's the name and the address, their cupcakes are ADDICTING and absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Hope your tooth feels better!