Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woman of Faith!!

I'll be the first to admit it! I have had this book checked out from
the library for over a month...maybe two! It isn't the kinda
book ya sit down and read in one long sitting.
It is one you take tiny bites of and think long and
hard about over a good long time.
I admire a strong woman! I admire women who can do hard things
and still get other things done. This book is fulla those women!
I think often we look back and think about pioneers as
lacking in deep thoughts and tough on muscle.
Neither is true. Most pioneers were from Europe
A lot worked in mills. Some were even rich and lived in
well kept homes and were waited on by "house help".
Many were educated and well read. Many had deep thoughts
and spiritual encounters that we could not comprehend.
Many left families and homes that they would NEVER see again.
Many came to America to worship freely only to be cast
out from MANY homes at gun point! Almost all woman lost MANY
children and were called on to carry on.
Life was hard but Faith endured!
This is an amazing book of hope and heartache.
Many of the stories are from life sketches written
by the women who's lives came before ours!
It's a powerful read! I suggest you read it!

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