Friday, May 17, 2013

Studio 5 LIVE!!

I went to Studio 5 live!!
They only do it live we were lucky to go!
More then the show I liked the two HIP ladies
I attended w/.
They gave us a swag bag! Enclosed were the things below!
Necklace in little wooden box.

We also saw this! Most often I have the most fun not attending
the actual event but most often my favorite part is a side note!
Next to KSL is this LOVELY!!
Built in 1857. If walls could talk huh? I would have loved to go into
our own little Downton Abby. More here

I found this super interesting too!! It is like
stepping back in time..but today!

Quotes from the show:
"The purpose of the task is
to strengthen the relationship!"

"Recognize the effort!!"

Happy Spring!
Love'n the jacket weather today!!!

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