Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh no SNOW!!

Craft Stick Snowflake
I am always working on projects but not so good at taking
photos lately. Darn!
*The above is the favorite craft of all last month!
Easy, cute and so graphic! Oh and CHEAP!
*While driving w/ one of my special  needs friends I
noticed a large amount of snow on my car hood as did my friend.
She said loudly. "HONDA get that snow off your nose!!"
Makes me giggle just thinking about it!
*You think your life is tough? I heard this sweet girl speak today
and my word she is tough. Her husband went blind and her son
died and then came back and now has major disabilities! Not only that
she is cooking a baby in her belly in her spare time!!
*Today I video chatted w/ my nef. He had to leave and his mom prompted
"Say goodbye Fodie" He quickly got that shy look in his eye and put his chin
to his chest and said "Bye Fodie"!
So sweet I could eat him w/ a spoon!
*Today I was outta gas. I quickly ran to the gas station right
as a storm wall dumping down snow pellets
and blowing them down my neck.
I scream and danced around the whole time I was pumping gas
and then realized the place was packed. I am sure I looked darling!
Happy Spring!! (Kidding)

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