Thursday, June 2, 2011

A thought jumble!

Yesterday It was very not so much!
I made pesto pasta last night a little heavy on the pesto.
Today I'm not feeling 100%
I work on Saturday. That means paid yard sale'n!
I need to find some cute black flip flops!
I'd rather be orange then white. (I heart sunless tanner)
I have some fun stuff in the mail from

Am I the last one on the planet to pick of one of these babies?
Not any more!

I'll no longer have to have necklace envy of my baby sister!

The smell of these...reminds me of my childhood!

The day has been chosen!!
Friday June 10 3-6 PM and Saturday June 11th 8-12 AM!
Every where I look there are piles of really good "Junk".
Come and buy it!!

1 comment:

blog n' tell said...

OooH....i love good junk!
can you email me with the address of your fun junk sale??