Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Five dollar five dolla do I hear five dollar?

I went to an auction tonight. It was hot and I didn't buy anything nor did I stay.  I just couldn't sit still for one more tacky salt and pepper shaker. Annnddd I think auctions are super over priced. Annnnd I noticed more then one person pull up w/ a trailer. Meaning they were doing BIG buying! Any who...this is what I saw....

This awesome scale 40 bucks!

This darling handmade trunk...
(oil covered)

I loved loved loved this darling! Just my style....chippy!

This was the real clincher..

Pine that is wood grained. Don't ya wish this piece could talk...I'm sure she'd have stories to tell!

Reminds me of the one I worked on last fall!! Mine was missing the top trim. Oddly enough this auction was just next door (5 steps) from where I got hutch. For a heck of a lot less then this baby will sell for I am sure!

Happy Summer!

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