Saturday, June 11, 2011

A week in the life!

The tiny's put their feet in...and then all of themshelves got very very wet!!

The temple has a steeple now...and looks perfectly castle like and "perfect"!

This week has been wild!

*My favorite tiny people were able to "sleep over" and play for 2 days straight. It was wild!
*I worked all week on the "Junk Sale" and it was disapointing and LONG!!
*I went to pick up a perscription that I forgot I picked up last week. OOPS!
*I have the worlds worst head ache!
*Everyday my temple makes me so happy!
*People are cheaper then me!
*I rediscovered this blog and LOVE it!! What a charming life!
*I'd rather yard sale then have a yard sale!
*My sister saw her July b-day gifts! Sighhh!
** I have to count on my fingers when I make change at a yard sale! No really!

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