Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sale'n and a story!!

Last night I took Excedrin because I had a killer headache I could not kick. I take an Excedrin and I can't sleep for nights...I just never have when I do..CRAZINESS!! So I didn't go to sleep till the early a.m. Had to be to work early. The girls (group home) and I then set out to find some yard sale goodness!

 We went to one house...and I was trying to find out where one of my girls got a worries she made her self at home and helped her self! While giggle'n about said girl one of the hosts of the yard sale (Hi Whittney) said "OH MY GOSH your Happy Chippy Junk!!". She was happy to see me and I was asked for my autograph!! BLUSH BLUSH!!! It was fun and funny to be famous for 2.1 seconds. I had the same thing happen to me when I happened on The Frosted Gardner...but I was a gushing mess...and I may or may not have told her I loved her....sighhh.

Today I happened on these little lovelys!

I forgot to take a befores...before...this baby was banged up and had LOTS of stickers on it is wear only 1/2 it's little black dress!!

My sister got a cute new apartment..but she needs furniture!! I saw this lovely for 10 bucks and they threw in the chair because I am "Famous!!"

Off to walmart to buy some more spray paint!! Ewww I love spray paint!!


Pam said...

The locker is fabulous. That is so cool that someone recognized you! Next thing you know you'll be on HGTV.

BBV said...

OOhh!! I have lockers for my boys! I should do a blog post on'em one of these days. Great find!

BBV said...

I forgot to add CONGRATS on your CELEBRITY status! LOL May you be blessed with many more freebies ;0)

Harmony said...

I wish I were as famous as you. Maybe someday. And then you, me, and Dooce can all be friends and high five each other! Also, I think I'm coming down for the Antiques/Junk sale this weekend with Ba! Wooooo

blog n' tell said...

love the lockers....and that little cupboard is darling!