Sunday, June 30, 2013


Things I love about my best friend Theodore:
*When he runs his cheeks giggle.
*He says "Ish Ish!"
*He has a sign language all this own!
*He can not hold still.
*He only stands while in the bath tub!
*He loves his pets!
*He loves to drink from a straw!
*He eats slow just like his mommy!
*He crosses his feet while in his high chair or stroller!
*He gets smarter everyday!
*He knows more then we think he does!
*He knows sign language!
*His teethie grin kills me!
*He loves water, but isn't to fond of swimming lessons!
*He loves to look at people and things!
*Anything is a toy that he throws!
*He has the cutest bottom!
*He can take a milk brake at any given moment!
*He can play peek a boo w/ the best of em!
*His skin is so soft!!
*When his mommy is in the bathroom he will
knock and knock till she comes out!
*He points and looks up when he hears a plane.
*He points at lots of things!
*He slaps his ears often. It is a sign of his own making and only he knows
the meaning!
Love you Fodie!!

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