Sunday, June 9, 2013

Green Tomatoes!


See that little green tomato??
It means good things are to come!
Can't wait!!
*I am already so hot I could swoon! It isn't even mid summer yet!
*Favorite quote lately "If my chicken's are happy then I am happy!"
*My nephew Theodore can't get any more cute or
any more clever, but he will.
*I am ready to retire!
*The lesson in Sunday School today made me want
to go check the sign on the building cuz I swear I was in the wrong church!
*I love to see my little basil sprouting!
*I would love a pedicure and a facial!
*Free is my favorite price!
*While doing my niece's hair this week, I stood
back and showed her the finished product.
She looked in the mirror and stated, "This is awkward!"
*I bet the poppies in Mantua are up and blooming. I love those poppies!
Happy Week!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Green tomatoes already?! Here we don't even have ours in the ground yet! Yum!