Sunday, June 16, 2013


*I loved seeing the streets lined w/ the flag on flag day!
*I loved the jacket weather!
*I taught Theodore to fake snore!
*Eli sprays so bad when he sneezes!
*My neck is still killing me!
** Wave** to the little girl (3ish) who gave her dad the peace
sign while singing to him in church on the stand!
*My car needs an oil change again!
*I got my "toes done" the other day and
it's been so cool I haven't been able to show em off!
*How does one know if one needs a chiropractor or a massage?
*I have no idea what Theodore signs sometimes!
He was telling me he wanted water
I thought he was wave'n bye to his mom and slapping his cheek!
*While on a walk tonight a little girl (3ish) ran to pet Lucy the dog.
She told me thanks and let me know she'd invite me to her birthday party!
I have never seen her in my life, but I am sure we could be fast friends!
*I have had a perma head ache all day!
*I need a hair cut crazy bad but my style-ist has moved! BLAH!
*Theodore will tell Jones the dog to leave the chicken's alone
w/ the right inflection but in his own language!
*I wonder about people who buy LARGE shopping carts of
items at thrift stores. Where do they put it all?
*Getting in a hot car after it has sat in the sun...KILLER!
*Sometimes primer is more then the furniture!
Happy Summer!

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