Saturday, October 19, 2013


*I love NPR.
*I hate black heads and zits!
*I love that my nephew Theodore borrowed my
turned off phone today and took lots of pretend pictures of him self!
He'd hold the phone in front of his face and smile really big. LOVE!
*I love that it is sweat shirt weather.
*I love a book on tape.
*I am loving LoLo's book!
*My little sister doggie is sick. It breaks my heart!! Pray for Jones!
*Life is hard and it isn't fair and I hate that!
*I looooove my boiled wool slippers!
*I LOOOOOVE sleeping in!!
*Did you know dogs could take aspirin? They can!
*I know snow is around the corner but I pretend I don't have a clue.
*I love wellies on a tiny!!
*I ate junk food today (much) and my tummy hurts!
*I miss the past often!
*I already bought some Christmas gifts!!
*I am making a witch costume...and then hat..DARLING!!
*Theodore gets more fun each time I find him!
*I love wheat grass real or fake.
*I am totally freaked out by wasps now. I need an epi pen stat!
*Theodore is already really good at sound effects!
*I was talking to my niece about her up coming vacation. She stated they'd be staying
in a hotel. I asked her if her family snored. She said they did. I asked how she could handle it.
She said "Well we'll all be asleep!"
Happy Fall!

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