Sunday, March 24, 2013


The other day I happened on this little number (below)
at an estate sale. I was so cheap I couldn't help but buy it and
peek under it's ugly shell! It was an aqua dream!

I left the top "as is" but painted and "m" in honor of my
cousin's new last name! Getting married in April!
I painted the legs a very similar color! 
Shabbied things up a bit and added a bow or two.
I also added a vintage looking glass M.
(I got a ton of letters at Kohles and think they are DARLING!)

I love this picture...I love a shadow..proof of the sun!

It is always hard to give a unique gift or one from the heart!
If it is unloved rejection is hard!
Wishing someone congratulation on the first "step" of their
new adventure...totally worth it!
*I got lost so many times today it was Laughable! I called my dad
to ask for a way out and he said "look for a cemetery (my auntie lives near one)
I said dad " I don't know if I am even in the right county!!"
Good thing my sister drove alone!
*It snowed!
*Thrift stores are no longer (thrifty)'s lame!
*I don't do retail well! I went to World Market to buy something
fun w/ a gift card. Loved everything but not
enough to buy it so left w/ my gift card in hand
and will be checking in online. Mad House!
*I love a book on tape.
*I have weird dreams!
*Last night I opened a brand new tube of SUPER
glue and the whole thing exploded on my hands
I had only moments to think....and I thought wrong!
*Fashion forward or totally insane? It's a fine line!
Happy Spring!

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