Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Whites Market!!

Who doesn't love a Market?
I love this structure at the State Fair Park!
This building! Grand!

Walking in I felt right at home!
Loved the map of my home state to let me know
I was in "the place"!
Who doesn't love a vintage globe!?
Bikes and globes hung from the ceiling!!

Up coming markets? Yes please!
Love a red and white bunting!!
I love this vintage shopping cart! I love love the fresh flowers!

I think presentation is everything!
Love the sinks!

Fun day was had by all (me)!
Can't wait till next year!
*Hemmed my pants. When all goes well while
sewing it makes one proud!
*Love my new ELF eye liner! LOVE x 10!!
*Almost got knifed while lost in da hood!
*Kissed on and giggled w/ my tiny nephew!
Love that kid!
*I am not a fan of this time change!
*I feel a sore throat coming on!
*I love this weather!!
*Dear daffodils I love you!
*Sadly I hate the chalk makers I have!
Went back to the basics...chalk!
*Cami P. sad I missed your "show"
this weekend!
Happy Spring!


Camilla said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! I am feeling inspired just by looking at them. :)
Now I need to get to DI stat and find some new treasures!

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love the photo with the upcoming markets. What a great idea to create community among the vintage vendors.