Saturday, March 30, 2013

In a book bind!!

I love a good Pottery Barn Book!
I always buy them when I see them.
If we could all live in a Pottery Barn world!
The book below is one I have brought to work the last few weeks
to read or look at when I have a little down time.
Sadly the cover fell clean off!
It made me so sad. Granted the book cost four dollars, but
I still loved it. I looked online about book repair!
Man it is costly. All the acid free stuff was 3 times the cost of the
book. Sadly I wasn't on board. I thought and thought what I could do
and it dawned on me that linen book tape
looks a lot like First Aid Tape!
I high tailed it to Walmart and found some "athletic tape"
for $ 1.24 and saved my "this week" favorite book!

Sadly the tape isn't acid free and so it will not
last forever...but I think it will last as long as the book is in style!

***Do not use on heirloom or vintage items!!***
Happy Thrifting!

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