Sunday, March 3, 2013

*My nephew mimics his doggie Jones when Jones sings!
*I saw 2 deer joggin down the street yesterday!
*I am not cell phone savvy!
*My sister almost died in a DI stampede yesterday!
*I thought about this thought again today!
 "Never suppress a generous thought” -Camila Kimball
*Yesterday the weather was not so much!
*When I pulled out my necklace for church it had a spider
web on it! Yuck! I pulled it off and went on my way..
At Church a friend extracted a dead spider from
said necklace! YUCK!
*I am most often's genetic!
*I envy my niece Syd's endless energy!
*Life is hard!
*Cookies are yummy!
*Pharmical companies are a rip off!
Happy Spring!!

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