Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been fighting the head cold of death! I woke up earrrly this morning and just laid there. (Not like me at all) I had an early morning training far from home and then had a long shift to work. It almost killed me! I however had this CD in my car! It made me smile and think the whole ride.

Most LDS self help books and CDs make me gag a little. It just seems "so perfect"! This CD/book is just silly and eye opening...and testimony building. Can't do a lot? Do a little and than a little more and gosh you'll be ok..kinda attitude.

Really if you can get the book on CD. If you can't do the MP3. If all else fails read the book!! It will make you better.and who dosen't like better?

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blog n' tell said...

I am going to read or listen to this!! I gag a little with too perfect types of books too. No such thing as PERFECT right?? not in my book. Hop over to my bloggy and see what I got at the thrifty store...thanks for the directions friend! I couldn't find second chances antiques am I blind?? I saw the sign and remembered your post but couldn't track it down.