Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yard Sales and The Great Pumpkin!!

We had so much rain last night and this morning! Lots!
 It even thundered and lightninged! Craziness!
 But our earth drake in right in a sighed a great sigh!

You know what else is crazy? People still had YARD SALES!! Craziness! I did a few drive bys and popped in to a few place...but I mostly just headed up to the Presbyterian Thrift Store. They are sure not to disappoint!!

Here is the booty:

I love twine! I love it in color even better. I love vintage twine triple time!
It is SO cute to tie Christmas gifts or anything really! 

Did you see the book in the top picture w/ the cover torn off?
This is what I made!

Not bad for 50 cents!

Happy Fall!

Hey ladies here is the link AGAIN
 Pop back and post your linc when you get them done!!


Heaven's Walk said...

Cute, Heather! Are you going to share how you made it? I'd love to know how! :)

xoxo laurie

Betsy (BB) said...

So cute! I love it! What a great idea! How did you do this?

June@I will craft said...

Cute pumpkin - love the idea.

blog n' tell said...

fun! love the vintage your scales too...i have the white and grey american family scale. I scored it thrifting this summer! are u going to the swap??