Sunday, December 11, 2011

LL where ya Bean!?

Yesterday I went to SLC. I had plans...plans changed. Sigh!
Anywho I hit a few thrift shops. We knew I would right?
Moving on. 2 plus years ago I ran into these
 babies at DI brand new w/ tags for 2 bucks.
I have loved LOVED loved them! They retail for around 34 bucks.
I don't pay 34 bucks for nothin!
So when my orange little numbers got old and
 smellie and fallie a partie I morned!
I honestly thought about paying RETAIL for some more....
Then yesterday I ran into these little babies.
 BRAND new AGAIN and 34ish retail
 but 4 dollars at the Thriggity thrift store.
Hal Lay Lou YA!!

It's love I tell ya! True LOVE!! 

1 comment:

Camilla said...

Yay! I think that qualifies as a Christmas Miracle!
I am soooooooo glad you posted pics of the home tour! I knew something cute must be going on inside that house...