Saturday, December 17, 2011

Neighbor gifts (vent)!

I like good stuff.
I like dollar store goodies.
I love me some good junk.
I just don't understand the "neighbor gift".
I live in Utah. I have LOTS of neighbors. 20 +
I like them all..or mostly all.  (kidding)
When you have 20 peeps ya wanta say "Happy Holidays" too
it gets costly quick! So everyone gives cute little tokens.
Tiny little quilt squares..if you will.
What does one do w/ a tiny little quilt square?
We look at it for a while and then toss it.
To seems like all the squares would be
better used if sewn together and given to someone
REALLY in need! Someone who lacks any warmth...
education, clean water, food. Christmas.
After all it takes a village (of quilters).

Maybe next year I'll get my village to rally?

Happy Holidays!

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