Thursday, December 8, 2011

Once upon a time...(Home Tour!)

So on December 3th after working all morning, going to see Santa and getting a hair cut. I went on the city's holiday home tour!! Most years I like one house and the rest are ho hummm. This year they were all Divine!! I love a creative home more then the next "guy"!!

I once asked if I could peek inside this home when the family had a tiny estate sale in the front yard. What was hiding behind the front door was CREEPY and falling down. I quickly looked around and ran out feeling like the ceiling might fall on my head at any moment! YIKES!

I found a blog that will show you the things I saw HERE!

And here she is today!!!

  I love the green chair...I have blogged about her before.

Garage turned family room! 

Entry hall. I assume the furnace and water heater is hidden behind this barn wood box!

Front room to the LEFT:

Had my purse been bigger...this baby would have gone home w/ me!

Darling kitchen!

 Turning left again into the old garage!

As seen on the kitchen wall!! Ka Ute!

Details make me happy!

Down stairs family bath! Ya can't be to chubby in this room!

I loved the hooks sprouting out of the wall!

 Old 1867 ish news paper I assume found in the home!

Super steep steps!

Daughters room details!

Lots of original art in the home! LOVE!

Young Lincoln's room. He has large shoes to fill. Notice Pres. Lincoln and Lincoln logs!

Shhh Don't tell but I went back for anotherer look see!
What a darling and fun home!
Oh the stories it could tell!

Happy Holidays!


Hickman Family said...

I love all of your pictures, and this is my good friends home, and it is darling!!! Thanks for all the pics!

blog n' tell said...

Love this... So many cute details...thanks for sharing...HaPpY Holidays!!