Tuesday, December 27, 2011

***Best thrifting find EVER****

I am OVERLY stressed lately!
 Tis the season I guess?
In between projects I took
a little look see at the thrift store.
I saw this!! What a DYSON?? These babies retail
for a cool 499.00. Wozers!

I vacuumed a small section at the thriftstore.
I totally looked like "that weird lady!"
The vacuum worked perfectly!

I came home cleaned all her filters.
(We have this vacuum at work and so I am
a pro w/ unclogging and cleaning filters!)
She is as good as new!!

The kicker?

FIVE stink'n bucks!!! Awesome!

Also on the way home I ran into this
(queen head and foot board!)!!
 My sister is getting married and up
grading to a queen. I risked my life for this baby..
but it was so worth it!!

Oh happy day!!


Harmony said...

Such good finds! Holy buckets!!

Callie said...

Wow! This has to make up for getting backed into...almost :)