Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warm Heart!

* I spilled my bottled water on my car seat the next day I picked up my mittens
and strangely they were frozen to the seat. Buuurrr!
* Peace on earth Goodwill to men!
*Last night during an UN-birthday party I gave
 the niece's little cup cake hats...they have never looked so sweet!
*11 days till Christmas!
*16 days till my sister's wedding.
*I went to my auntie's house this last weekend..decorated to the darling
hilt..I should have taken pictures..but alas to many people and one
doesn't want to look like a total weird-o in front of the extended family.
*Yummy treats at every corner. (sighhhhh)
*I went to the library and oddly enough got the mother load of
darling Christmas books! Maybe this year people are to busy
to look at lovely pictures?
*Can't wait for darling baby nephew!
*Dear Utah, Trader Joe's please!

Happy Holidays!

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