Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Hippo!

So my sister is going to have a
sweet little baby boy.
My sister thinks hippos are do I.
Wouldn't they be cute for a baby boys room?

First I found this (below) via Target! Cute!
She also has this changing table.
We found on the side of the road! Free!!

She painted it this aqua turquoise color! (below)
 I am not in love w/ the Target bedding and the aqua!

So then I thought this (below) color combo would look
cuter for the little guy. Totally nixing the Target bedding!

Using one of these IKEA fabrics to make a cute quilt! Love!
Lime green w/ the aqua above!

Red w/ the aqua below! Either Cute!

Then I talked to my sister she said neutrals w/ small
pops of color very like!

Like this? No pops in this though.(above)


Super cute (above). Something to keep me think'n till April!

Went on a super fun holiday home tour today
 I'll be posting photos for the next few days. SO FUN!

Also I was reminded today..In my family when
 you want something done..DO IT...right after
 you are done doing will be RE DONE!!


Happy Holidays!!


Harmony said...

Don't worry- my baby will be so cute, no one will even notice my mis-matched color-blind nursery!! Also, hippos really are so cute. Go ahead and type "baby hippo" into google image search and then try to tell me I'm wrong! I dare ya!

Callie said...

I totally wanted the target hippo bedding for Liv (I figured I could make it gender neutral for future babies) but they were sold out or something. Totally cute for baby boy F!