Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild Tree...

I am not huge into "home parties"...I'm just to darn cheap!! Tonight I went to a "party" I can totally back. It was for natural and nutritious foods...that are EASY!!! Hello they are VERY VERY tasty too!!! Here is there website I love that you can buy something yummy w/ out MSG and loads of other preservatives junking them up!!
If you are in Northern Utah check out Wendy. She'll host a party for ya!!

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Vicki C said...

I just read your comment about the "tattoo" , and you know what... I laid in bed that night, thinking breifly .. "what did I just do?" lol ...but I'm okay with it now. Not something I would have done if it woundnt have been Taylor doing it. But ONE is enought for me! Thanks for coming by!