Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Just Peachy"

My little city has been having a Peach Days celebration for over 100 years. I say when "fun" knocks at you door..let it in"!

At the Kiddie Parade we ran into this fella!!

Lemon aid served from a lemon...Priceless!!

My darling little sister found this pig just walking around and so she picked him up and kept him for a pet!

The Parade was a "must see". I saw and was done after an was VERY LONG!
My feet are killing me and my alabaster skin got a little to much sun...but all in all it was fun...and next time it "knocks" I'll let it in!

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Well isn't that just the cutest farmer that I've ever laid eyes on!