Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two dollars of Yard Sale'n BLISS!!

I found this baby this morning. Two dollars she was MINE!! I need her like a hole in the head...but I know she'll be DARLING!! I want to do some sort of typography on her...I have been some much stuff w/ bold letters and numbers on them and I LOOOVE it!!

She looks tiny but she is about 3.5 feet tall!
I started prime'n this tonight and the stain is bleeding through aweful!! I have painted and primed EVERYTHING and never had this issue!! Help!! What do I do?


Alicia said...

She's very cute! What are the plans? What will you be putting inside of her? I would probably do shoes, but thats just me. You did great for two dollars.

Attic Rat said...

Here's a thought - since you are having issues with the stain bleeding through, add trim and then paint it black.

Looks like a great find. I want to shop where you shop. LOL

misselaineous said...

cute cabinet. Did you try Kilz to prevent the bleed through? I used it on my old mobile home ceiling before painting & it did a very good coverup job on 20 year old water leak stains. I've heard you can even cover black paint w/ it & repaint w/ lighter colors w/no bleed through. worth a shot! happy Sunday *elaine8

svelteSTUFF said...

Go with the flo, and learn to love the imperfections of the 'bleed thru' - minimize their appearance by distressing other areas, embellish the 'bleeds'... DON'T fight it!! It's an all uphill battle that will frustrate you to no end!

That Girl Ang said...

Can't wait to see what you design... It tis a great piece!