Saturday, September 5, 2009

A "Staycation"

This weekend I decided to go to "The Big City" and see the sights! A little mini vacation!! I saw this. Nuff said!
I loved these! To big. I need to look for my size!

Bought these Reef Flip Flops after reading a raving review on someones blog!! So squshie and comfy! $4.00. Steep for me but it was "The big city".

Went to buy some cheap food at NPS! Saw this "Little Mouse" trying to take a huge bite out of this 3.00 mountain of cheese!

Then went here:
At the co-op I bought:
1 tub hummus .50
1 bag croutons .25
1 bag granola 1.00
1 bag bagel chips .25
2.00 of yummy-ness!!

My little sister bought sooo much stuff at the above stores she had no where to put it (tiny apartment kitchen) I tried to talk her in to a particle board 6.00 bookcase and she would not budge! A few blocks from her house I found this baby in a junk pile!! (It was large trash pick up and the curbs were LOADED and I was fascinated!! ) I stopped this by her house...and she wiped it down and "staged it" for "The Blog".

I picked these babies up on the curb too. Along w/ a BUNCH of flower pots for my darling brother in law!
I heart trash!!!


ThriftyAnnabella said...

That diet spoon is too funny!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Reef flip flops are the BEST! And they last a really long time.

Shauna said...

I need to be eating out of a spoon like that. Too funny!

Michelle said...

When we lived in Chicago I walked my dog in the alleys always on the outlook for treasures. And I found some great stuff too.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great finds--can't beat free!!

Caro said...

OMG that spoon is hilarious! I would put it on display, great conversation piece!

Leanne said...

The spoon made me laugh! Great free finds. You can't beat that!

Alicia said...

I wish we had a big item trash day. I know that right now next to my trashcan in the alley is a huge roll, I'm not kidding, it's as big as a large wine barrel! It's a huge roll of blue bubble wrap. The bubbles are about the size of a quarter. It would be perfect if I wanted to bubble wrap a small car and ship it somewhere. Not sure what it could be used for, so I'm just leaving it there. But yet something tells me I should grab it. Maybe I could bubble wrap my lawnmower? Hmmm, maybe I should go take a picture of it and blog about it and see if anyone can tell me what it is. Ok, later. I'm gonna go do just that!

Maggie said...

You can't beat Reef flip flops, I always get black and they last & last!
Great shelf unit you found for your sister, lucky gal!
a bientot
Maggie @ Normandy Life