Saturday, September 5, 2009

A "Staycation"

This weekend I decided to go to "The Big City" and see the sights! A little mini vacation!! I saw this. Nuff said!
I loved these! To big. I need to look for my size!

Bought these Reef Flip Flops after reading a raving review on someones blog!! So squshie and comfy! $4.00. Steep for me but it was "The big city".

Went to buy some cheap food at NPS! Saw this "Little Mouse" trying to take a huge bite out of this 3.00 mountain of cheese!

Then went here:
At the co-op I bought:
1 tub hummus .50
1 bag croutons .25
1 bag granola 1.00
1 bag bagel chips .25
2.00 of yummy-ness!!

My little sister bought sooo much stuff at the above stores she had no where to put it (tiny apartment kitchen) I tried to talk her in to a particle board 6.00 bookcase and she would not budge! A few blocks from her house I found this baby in a junk pile!! (It was large trash pick up and the curbs were LOADED and I was fascinated!! ) I stopped this by her house...and she wiped it down and "staged it" for "The Blog".

I picked these babies up on the curb too. Along w/ a BUNCH of flower pots for my darling brother in law!
I heart trash!!!


ThriftyAnnabella said...

That diet spoon is too funny!

Wendy said...

Reef flip flops are the BEST! And they last a really long time.

Shauna said...

I need to be eating out of a spoon like that. Too funny!

Michelle said...

When we lived in Chicago I walked my dog in the alleys always on the outlook for treasures. And I found some great stuff too.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great finds--can't beat free!!

~Caro~ said...

OMG that spoon is hilarious! I would put it on display, great conversation piece!

Leanne said...

The spoon made me laugh! Great free finds. You can't beat that!

Alicia said...

I wish we had a big item trash day. I know that right now next to my trashcan in the alley is a huge roll, I'm not kidding, it's as big as a large wine barrel! It's a huge roll of blue bubble wrap. The bubbles are about the size of a quarter. It would be perfect if I wanted to bubble wrap a small car and ship it somewhere. Not sure what it could be used for, so I'm just leaving it there. But yet something tells me I should grab it. Maybe I could bubble wrap my lawnmower? Hmmm, maybe I should go take a picture of it and blog about it and see if anyone can tell me what it is. Ok, later. I'm gonna go do just that!

Maggie B said...

You can't beat Reef flip flops, I always get black and they last & last!
Great shelf unit you found for your sister, lucky gal!
a bientot
Maggie @ Normandy Life