Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You'll be informed when the drawing takes place at an unknown time and undisclosed location!!


Gandhali said...

ooo top secret, aye??

that's allllll good, take you time, i was just wondering when it was, or if i'd missed it :D

p.s.: still haven't moved forward with the vintage room idea, designing a chocolate box from the victorian era at the moment for uni, i am LOVING the victorian era graphics they're beautiful!!

Gandhali said...

whoops i mean take youR time. lol.

misselaineous said...

Holy Killer Typo, chippygirl! Quick! To the junk cave!! The Super Thrift opens at 8!!! I'm just laughin' Have a great day! Winner? What winner? Did I miss another giveaway????? *e*