Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheap Girl on a Mission!

Yesterday I had to leave the "small town" I call home and go to the big city. I was in search of BIG adventure!! I went here and was not disappointed!

Market Street or NPS

This store is on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley very near West Valley City. It is kinda hard to find but if I can find it...YOU CAN!! It is the Tijuana of Utah for sure!! I was looking for an awesome adventure though...and it proved fruitful!!

I called my sisters up and said "GREAT DEALS COME"! They popped on over...and look what they found!! PEACHIES in bulk!!!

They also had a garden section CHEAP/FUN!!

I spent 11:31 and got this:

Quaker oat snacks: .99
Activia Jello: .99
Two Bags of suger snap peas YUMMY: .69
Tiny Spinach Salad: .99
Vitamin Drink .50
Organic Tooth Paste .50
Necklace/Earrings 2.79
Basil Seeds .10
Bracelet: .25 (Hello people a QUARTER!!!)
I couldn't by lots of REAL food because I was on an adventure...and I didn't want it to sit in the hot car for hours...but next time....WOAH!!!
**I saw this on on NPS.

**** Up date*** I just heard Market Square TAKES COUPONS!!! So really because there food is SO CHEAP you can get things FOOOOORRR FREEEEEEE!!! I for one love FREEEE!!!


misselaineous said...

WHOA, is right! Is that like a 10 pound bag of Peachies?? I think that would cure anyone of a Peachie*Munchie attack! LOL Have a great Sunday *elaine*

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Peaches are mana from God!!! Yummy huh? We put them back though...sigh! Life as a weight watching woman!!