Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Junk

Nothing turns out as planned!! I had some extra time today and so I found my self in a thrift store! I found this:

1 pair brand new Chacos: 2.00 Retail for 95.00
Number 5: .50
Old Navy Hoodie: 4.00
4 American Girl books (4 Hallye) 2.00
Vintage Garden hand tool: 1.50 (so steep..but I thought it was to cute to pass up)

A pair of BRAND NEW Teva's for 2.00. Not fashionable but oh so comfortable!!! 70.00 retail!!
**Picture removed because big feet are ugly!! :)


one gal's trash said...

Love that $1.50 is "steep" for you. You are my kinda girl. My husband says I won't buy anything that costs more than $1. It's TRUE!

Shauna said...

Great deals!

bearcatt41 said...

I am new here. Just wanted to tell ya that I like you blog. I am in Utah also and LOVE to thrift shop. They call me 2nd hand Cindy ( lol )

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

You did great, Love your finds! That garden tool is very cool!