Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday I got home from work and felt a little "off". I took a nap and woke up w/ an awful sore throat and plugged ears. Last night was awful It felt like I had swallowed a package of razors blades and poked sharp pencils in my ears. Not pretty and not fun. Who invited these germs to my party and how do I get them to leave?


misselaineous said...

Heather...sorry you're under the weather. You need some chicken soup, and plenty of sleep. Germs, germs go away...go bug someone else, preferably the guy who cut me off on my way home from work today!! :o} Hugs. *elaine*

Gandhali said...

strepsils, my dear ... :D

no, i had a sore-ish throat too and got some strawberry strepsils ... mmm delish :P