Sunday, August 30, 2009

The big bad WOLF!!

Click on picture to enlarge!

I was sorting my wash...and I heard something fall to the bottom of the wasn't a quarter (shown for size purposes only) it was this HUGE killer spider!! I dare say this little man is a "wolf spider"!! See it's twin HERE ! I am NEVER doing wash again!!


misselaineous said...

Arrghhh...yuck!! Nasty, icky thing...yeah, I know...all creatures have their purpose on this planet, but "i don't like spiders & snakes...". I have come to respect the snakes a teeeny bit, having 2 sons in the reptile club will do that to ya! We have the brown recluse spiders here, and they can give you a nasty bite! Do they have to be so BIG??? Have a great week *elaine*

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by. If there's a way to make those links change, I don't know it. I just copy & paste the code.

Brian and Callie said...

Oh my gosh that is disgusting! I am glad that you survived! I am going to go through my house and respray for those pesky creatures. I HATE spiders!!

Camilla said...

That totally freaked me out. I HATE spiders, mainly because they always seem to be where you least expect them!

I did pretty good in the baby department at that yard sale. I didn't even go to any others, but it made me want to catch the yard sale bug again, now that my house is finally cleaned out! I want to see what you found! :)