Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Red Slippers!

I am tired of my headboard. It is beautiful and very functional but no longer my style. I have had my eyes peeled at thrift stores for awhile but nothing great. Today I got the painting bug! I dug and dug and look what I found. Some happy chippy junk hiding in the Conner of the garage and just what I wanted. Just like Dorothy "You had it all along".

Here is my current head board. Nice but time for a change!

Here is the lovely I found today!! It is as I type drying w/ a fresh coat of paint. Is it the right color you ask...I am not sure...but there are many cans of paint waiting if it isn't. The below picture is the "before" shot!!


V and Co. said...

okay now see THAT blue doesn't scare me so much...it's the darker ones that do. thanks for leading me to the paint!

Brian & Callie said...

I love your creativity! I think you have a super human talent for finding great things and making them beautiful. I wish I had 1/100 of your talent :)

momof3girls said...

I love your excitement - I too often decorate along the same guidelines as the qoute "Necessity is the mother of Invention"

My most creative ideas happen that way.