Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheap but Useful!

So someone passed on a GREAT idea the other day so I thought I'd PASS IT ON!! I have a normal lined note book that holds all my computer passwords and what not. I felt smart for having one..but sometimes I can't find quickly what is in it. The other day someone told me to use an address book w/ tabs!! So I can put things in ABC order!! And look at this DARLING I got at HONKS!!

New one w/ Tabs!
Old one w/ lined paper!

So I LOVE a good deal!! There are a few Honks in Utah but I have found the one in Logan to be bursting at the seams w/ fun good deals!! AND...on Tuesdays it is 88 CENT day!! WOOO WHOO!! I got the below bracelet at honks..w/ a few other GOODIES!! Check it out and ENJOY

Holy cute bracelet for a DOLLAR!! I love polka dots!

P.S. Where is Spring? Where is the SUN?? WHO is going to scrape my car?

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Now just where did you get a great idea like THAT??? lol!

I think you should go take the picture of your car NOW! We got plastered today didn't we!!!