Monday, May 4, 2015

Teeny Tiny Things!

Easy Bud Vase | this heart of mine
My Favorite things TODAY!!
*I am no longer dog sitting. (I miss him already)
*The sky is gray and it feels like rain.
*The lawn is mowed.
*Theodore's HUGE AFRO.
*Lincoln's Sponge Bob Teeth.
*Fodie telling me about a lady bug in his ear that poops
jelly beans!! I want one!
*The inside of my car is all clean...but just for today.
*Yummy salad for dinner.
*The hope of a better tomorrow!!
*Hand me downs!
*Fodie wearing to small of clothes
because his body is sprouting out every where!
*The nit picker job I just saw posted online.
*I wouldn't be me unless I was super easily
startled at everything!! Today I proved that over and over!
*Already have a killer farmers tan.
*Dandelions! Love em!
My Favorite?
When my nephew Fodie told his Grandma
what words he isn't allowed to say!!
Oh blessed day!!

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